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What is the Advice & Counsel Newsletter?

For over 10 years Advice & Counsel Newsletter has been the leader in publications targeted to recent beneficiaries of life insurance and annuity proceeds. It is distributed each month to tens of thousands of beneficiaries. The newsletters usually accompany the monthly statements that insurance companies send to their beneficiaries who have been paid through their Retained Assets Accounts.

The Advice & Counsel Newsletter was developed by the inventor of the Retained Asset Account and is published by him a team of experienced counselors and editors in a highly readable manner that resonates with beneficiaries.

Why a Targeted Newsletter?

Decades of experience, backed by focus group and other research conducted by the publisher and others has shown that beneficiaries frequently are pressured — more quickly than they are comfortable with — by family and friends into taking highly inappropriate action with their proceeds. Too often such actions wind up wasting all or large portions of their insurance proceeds.

There are countless tales of beneficiaries who received a significant amount of proceeds, that could have protected their financial security for decades, who instead succumbed to subtle and not so subtle pressures, guilt, fear and/or greed and wound up “investing” the proceeds in risky and inappropriate securities and schemes, and wasting, inappropriately spending, and gifting away their inheritance, severely damaging them financially.

The best financial advice generations of counselors have given beneficiaries after a death is to do nothing with their money for a while, at least until they have regained their equilibrium. Well intentioned counselors and clergy strongly caution beneficiaries to take their time making important decisions, to avoid risk, and against taking precipitous action in all aspects of their lives.

The Advice & Counsel Newsletter strongly concurs with this almost universal advice, and in every issue helps beneficiaries understand why it makes sense to delay non-essential decisions, to avoid inappropriate risk, and to take time to decide what to do with the life insurance and annuity proceeds. It reinforces how the Retained Asset Account safeguards their funds for as long as they like, has paid and will continue to pay competitive rates, involves no monthly fees or similar costs, provides convenient access to the proceeds, and keeps them in control of their own money.

The Advice & Counsel Newsletter also generally highlights at least one benefit of their Retained Asset Account, which helps beneficiaries in so many ways, by providing them with insurance company guaranteed safety of principal, competitive interest rates, access to and control over their proceeds, and enables them to take the time to decide.

From an insurance company’s point of view, this helps extend the duration of the accounts, enabling the insurance company to earn a spread on the proceeds, while paying the beneficiary a highly competitive rate – and often a rate far higher than they could earn with any other savings vehicle offering similar degrees of safety, access and control.

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